Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pregnancy so far

I went to the hospital yesterday instead of my appt, since my doctor was at the hospital anyway. They hooked me up to watch Lexi and to see how my contractions were doing. I got check after a few minutes on the machines and I was dialaliting to 2 cm by the time I had been released. They felt that it would not happen today since it was going slow and told me to come back when the contractions got worse and more closer together.

The nurse said it was early labor, but not enought to keep me, so now lets see how long this lasts and when Lexi finally comes out. I hope that it does not last too long, I hate going through thisl aboring and waiting game, too bad Its not like in the movies or like with some of my friends who just bam, go into labor and have the baby instead of having lingering labor.

Arwen's big toe

Tuesday Arwen and Tori were playing out front while Greg was working on the truck. They kept playing with my steaping stones and Arwen dropped it on her bog toe. She had no shoes on and it broke the bone in her toe right at the tip near the cuticle. It busted the skin open. Greg felt it was not really that big of a deal to take her in, but after talking to the nurse at the base she told me to head over to the ER. We took her in and had deff. broken that toe, but it was not complete, so they just wanted us to make sure it was not bumped, but puting her in shoes that were to big for her with a hard bottom on them. They gave us pain meds and an antibotic for the broken skin and the fact that the nail is coming off at some point.

It looks really bad and we feel so bad for her. She refuses to try and limp to get around and since Greg can't carry her I am the one doing it. Its really hard at 9 months pregnant to carry around a 28 pound child all the time.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I have still been having irregular contraction since yesterday at 5 am when they started. This morning for about 3 hours I felt as if I was in that part of labor called tranisition. I was very sick to my tummy, shaking like crazy, had no color in my face, very flush feeling and was hurting really, really bad. I was actually crying hoping it would all end soon!!

The contractions do not really go away when I lay down or sit back on the couch, but they are less frequent then when up and walking around. I do hope to hold off until Greg is a little bit better feeling since we have no one here to help out if it happens. I want to take it easy and wait a little longer for her to come since nothing is ready, but I can't relax if I have tons of laundry to do, floors to clean, her room to get ready and all the other stuff to do before she comes home.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well I guess the doc up set my body

I am not sure if it was all from the doctor checking me yesterday or not, but I woke up last night at 5 am with really bad contactions that lasted until 7:30 am and that was even with me sitting in a bath to take the edge off the pain. I also lost a large part of my mucus plug last night. I fell back to sleep around 7:30 am in my bed and woke back up at 10:30 am with more contractions. I am not having anymore right now, but my back and tummy are quite a bit sore. She has the hicups right now so that is annoying the crap out of me!!

Keep an eye on this site for the post of her birth sometime between now and Feb 22nd. I am sure I will not be posting about it until after we get back home from the hospital, but we will post as soon as we can.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lexi Update

She is for the most part in the ehad down position, her head instead of being in the center in my pelvis, its off to the side a little towards my left leg. The doc said that when she gets that head locked into my pelvis I will go full speed into labor, so for my sake lets hope she does that VERY soon!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New belly picture - 36 weeks

Ok so I am not getting more attractive, but I am getting bigger. Many have said that it looks like I have dropped, but I don't really see it, but then again I can't see my feet either.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The time is getting near

I will be 36 weeks on Wednesday and also have an OB appointment on that day also. I will get checked and we will see where I sit with everything. We are hoping that she has turned around when we have a look on the ultrasound.

I have been having a ton of contractions that are much more painfull then the ones I have had in the past with this pregnancy. I am not sure if its the timing and its just getting closer or if its becasue I am doing far more than I am used to doing over the last few days.

A few friends here keep asking what I will do if I go into labor while Greg is still unable to drive and can't get around that much, but I just tell them that we will be shit up the creek since no one is here to help. Our one set of friends who will be moving here really soon said that I had to wait to download until the wife was done with teaching on the 1st, but babies have a mind of their own. Greg is unable to drive for at least 2-4 weeks or how long he keeps taking those pain meds, and at this point he will be taking them for a while!!

Will post in a few days after our appointment about what the doctor says, but I am sure it will be normal stuff and we hope to have the good news that her head is down, with all these labor pains I would hate for it to turn into an emergancy c-section becasue her head is still up!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greg's Surgery

Greg is home now and feeling a lot of pain. He is not used to pain like this and he is definitely not used to not being able to do much either. He had a lot of pain by morning due to his pain meds wearing off some time during the night. he slept on his back all night not wanting to move at all!

We left home yesterday at 5:30am and headed to San Antonio to show at 8:30am for his 12:30 appt for surgery. We got there and they were able to get him back at 9:30am to start the surgery. me and the girls sat in the waiting room from 9:30am until he was wheeled by us to go to the recovery day surgery room at 1:30pm. He got out of surgery at 11:50, but it took a while for him to wake up before they would let us see him. It was more that the girls could not go to that part with all the other people coming out of surgery.
We sat around in the recovery room until 5:30 pm waiting on him to pee for the nurse so that we could go home. it took a while since he was a bit dehydrated from the day before.

We got home around 8:30 pm and he just sat around for a while before bed just relaxing from the 2 hour drive home.

He is to not do much for about 4 weeks, so we should have a baby home by the time he is feeling better.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Greg - he has been working hard to get things done at work and to get things done at the house. We are trying to get it unpacked and ready for Lexi to arrive and for company. We are not getting a lot done since I can't do a ton and he is now unable to do much. We found out that he has an umbilical (sp) hernia and will be going to San Antonio this week to have a sergon look at it and then make the appt to have it fix, I just hope that we both are not cut on at the same time!! We can't have both parents down for recovery. He has had the problem for about a year, but Greg being Greg, never said anything to me or anyone else thinking that it was nothing. He stated that it was just a minor thing at first, but now its way bigger and more painful. Imagine all that furniture he was carring around since he will not let the military move us with this issue going on!!

Brandie - I have just started a new term in school and one class is only 6 weeks long and that all falls during my possible delivery time. I have only 3 classes to take and then I am done with this part of my schooling. I will go and get my BS, but will wait about 3 months or so. As long as I start back before December I will be fine since that is when I am to start paying back my student loans. Lexi is still breeched, and I would know if she had turned. It hurts when she is just adjusting herself during the day. She is most active anyway from about noon - 6 pm. I have another appt on the 23rd of Jan and then after that one I will go in everyweek.
I have finally got all her clothing washed, folded and hung up. Her folded clothing is on the floor in her room since we do not have a dresser for her yet. Her room still looks like a storage room, but we hope that will be fixed before she comes. We still have lots to do, but it all depends on what happens with Greg's surgery on his tummy. I REALLY wished I had help here for the next 5 weeks since Greg will be out for a bit and its getting REALLY hard for me to do things.
Guest may have to stay in a hotel if its not all done in time!

Tori and Arwen update

Tori - She has a bit of a cold right now and some congestion in her chest. I am hoping that she will get better soon. She is getting super excited about Lexi coming out soon. She soon will be going to the base for something that is like pre-school for a few days of the week and she is super excited about it too. We hope to get her in for the 3 days a week, but she may only get in the class that is 2 days a week. Tori is up to about 42 pounds now.

Arwen - She is trying to potty train, but we still got a LONG way to go. I am not rushing her and she will go if we ask, but she will not tell us when she has to go yet and will just go in her diapers if we do not ask her all the time. She is also super excited about Lexi coming soon and loves to hug my belly and give it kisses. Arwen is up to 28 pounds now.

Both girls have grown about an inch since October and Tori maybe a little more than the inch. We will post more pictures when we get them taken.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Six weeks left

We have 6 weeks left until the due date at 40 weeks. We are looking at making decision that if Lexi is not head down by 37 weeks we will c-section so we do not allow it to turn into an emergancy. Now if i go in at my next appt on the 23rd and I am showing signs of a pending labor due to my cervix changing then we may make it sooner to have her. Either way we and the doctor feel that she will be here around 37 weeks - 38 weeks.

As of now she is still not trying to turn head down and when Greg talks to her at the bottom of my tummy she will turn a little (very Little) and then goes right back to her old position when he is done talking. I tried to rub on her head to get her to move in that direction according to what I was told to do and it does not help, she is refusing to move!! Go figure..its a girl and that is the way they can be!!

Well now we have maybe less than 6 weeks to do the following:
* clean out and paint the nursery - get it ready for guest
* buy a carseat - if we can get the money
* make sure that we do not end up with more than one family here at a time - I will go nutz if that happened
* Make sure I got everything I will need - I am not even close to ready
* Make sure I got meals in the frezzer that Greg can just heat up
* Make sure I got a plan for the girls - have no idea what I will do with them
* get my house Very clean before Lexi comes - God do I have a lot to do in a short amount of time
* Get all Lexi's stuff washed and ready
* Get my bags packed just incase of emergancy / labor starts
* Make sure I got all ours and the girls stuff all cleaned up and caught up like the laundry

The list is so huge I know I will not even come close to getting it all done, but I will try hard, its not like I am really sleeping all that much, so I do have a lot of time when the girls are sleeping to do some of it, oh and on top of it all I have a new school term starting This month that last 3 months, but I will then be done with my degree and finished with school until the summer and then I start my other degree.

Can we say STRESSED!!!! I feel as if I have this HUGE pile ontop of me and I can't seem to get out from underneth it to save my life. If I could afford it I would hire someone to come and get the house cleaned from head to toe before Lexi came. Its really nasty in a way for a newborn, due to the last tenets not cleaning EVER.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby Update

Ok well we just got back from the doctor's office and it was what I expected. Lexi is still breeched and in the exact same place as before. She just loves to be upright I guess. He estamated her to be about 4 1/2 pounds right now which is about normal, maybe a tad on the smaller end of the scale. So if we go full term them she will be about 7 1/2 - 8 pounds.

I will go again in 2 weeks on the 23rd of Jan @ 3pm and then after that it will be every week that we go in.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

34 weeks tomorrow

So I will be 34 weeks along tomorrow and I am just now hating this. I have finally reached my point of suckness with the pregnancy, I am swelling SO bad these last few days that my fingers feel as if they will pop, Can't wear my tennis shoes all that well with out feeling like my feet are being squezzed way too tight.

I can't wear any rings and my face is so chubby looking. I am just hoping that this swelling is normal and not a sign of high blood pressure, but we will find out tomorrow. Its just odd that just in the last 2-3 days its gotten out of control. For those who may ask if I am getting enough water...YES. I am drinking from one of those water jug looking things that hold 2 ltrs and I drink all day from it. It sucks since I end up spening most of my time in the bathroom due to all the water.

I have also starting having contractions like I did with Tori and Arwen that will last an hour or more and then go away. I was having a bad day of them Sunday when we went over to a friends house to eat dinner and hang out. I think that day the contractions lasted about 5 hours, but were not constant the whole time. This can only mean that the time is getting close to when I will have her.

The doctor may preform the group b test tomorrow and if he does I will have him check me and see if I have started showing signs of changes down below and I will ask for him to let us know her weight status and of course the postition of her head!!

Besure to check it out tomorrow night for the appt. information. My appt is at 3pm, so I will be posting later in the day

Friday, January 4, 2008

update photo of me

Ok so here it is....I know that I am looking a bit on the fat side, but its all due to the swelling, since i have only gained about 17 pounds this whole 8 months, and that is Damn good since with my last 2 I gained 36-40 pounds.

Greg took the photo and I asked how it looked, his reply was that it looked as if I ate a dinosaur...go figure a MALE whould say that!!!

Ok here it is..........

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Busy Mom's Fudge

I found this recipe somewhere on line and love how easy it was.
1 1/2 cup sugar 1 can (5oz.) Evaproted milk
1/4 cup butter 5 cups mini marshmellows
1 pkg. Chocolate Chips 1 pkg (1oz.)Pre melted baking chocolate
1 tsp vanilla
In a 2 qt. bowl combine the sugar, milk and butter. Microwave until it comes to a rolling boil and be sure to stir after its been in for about 2.5 minutes.
Cook for 5 minutes and then stir again after 3 minutes.
Add marshmelows and stir until melted and mixed in.
Stir in the chocolate chips, melted chocolate until smooth.
Add vanilla and pour immediatley into a 9x13" pan (greased) and let it cool in the fridge until firm.
Cut into squares and enjoy.
Yields: 2 1/4 pounds of fudge