Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jade and Jacob

My niece and nephew have changed a lot since seeing them last. I got the pictures on the computer today and WOW.

Jade Below

Jacob Below

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All are sick AGAIN!!!!!

Ok so it started with a cough, then runny nose from Lexi, spread to Greg, Tori and Arwen. Now I have a cough and a little congestion. Then yesterday Arwen woke up with goopy eyes and eye lases glued together. I cleaned her eyes and sent her to school, not thinking anything of it until later that day at about 4 ish He eye lids were red and swollen, eyes watery bad and goop not going away no matter how many time I clened it, so I took her to the doc today andsure enough its PINK EYE!!! He looked at Lexi too who woke up tody with a goopy eye and stated she had the same. He also stated that its more then likley that Tori also has it, but I plan on making her appt tomorrow at the clinic for her cough, that sounds like the same when she had that bronchitis a while back, hers has been going for about a week already and is not going away.

Arwen got meds also for not only her eye, but she also had an inner ear infection, so there is meds for that. She also got allergy meds for all the other stuff she has that is allergy related.
I am using the same drops for Lexi since that is all he seemed to find wrong with her.

I have never really thought to sanitize toys, but I wil be doing that over the rest of the week and weekend, hoping to get rid of this crap and maybe finally rid this house of the sickies. I also got a HUGE bottle of Germ X for the hands for the whole house to use all the time to keep the hands clean.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

28 week OB visit today

It went pretty good. I have only gain a total of 5 pounds so far, that means I am pretty much all baby!!

Hayden is measuring on the big side, so that is not good news for me if I make it full term, but that is highly doubtful, even Dr. Chratrand does not think I will make it to April. The good thing with him being big is that if born early he will do better then if he was on the smaller side.

The contractions are still on and off since my ordeal last Tuesday when I had them for over 10 hours and had them stopped with a shot of trebutaline. Dr. Chartrand gave me a script for the pill version of the meds to take when the contractions get bad again to keep me out of the hospital and Hayden in until he said 36 weeks. SO that would mean a March baby, we dont have a March Birthday here yet. :)

The littlest things are setting me off lke him moving too much, walking to for more then 5 minutes, riding for a long time in the car and stuff like that.

Hayden is breeched and the Doc is worried about that if the contractions can't be stopped and Hayden is not fliped over, then it would result in a c-section, so best option is keeping his butt put for several more weeks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

a few pictures taken

I am a daddy's girl for sure.
That bath was great and I LOVE water!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ER visit Wednesday Tuesday Night

Ok so to start off with I started haing cramps like I have been for the last 4 weeks at about 11 am when I went to pick Arwen up from her school on base. By the time I got back home I was puking and hurting really bad. I was now having regular contractions 1 minute apart and that lasted for about 3 hours and then backed off to 2-4 minute apart contractions. I drank a lot of water and layed on my left side as they always state in the books and it did not help. I threw up the water a few hours later.

I called Greg and he was in Harlem (sp) TX on an out & Back and wold not be home for at least 3 more hours, with not having anyone to watch the kids for me or anyone to pick Tori up from school, I stuck it out. When Greg got home I went to the Labor & Delivery at our hospital and checked in. I was there from 5 -11 to make sure they got the contrcations stopped for good before sending me home. I was not put on bed rest, but told to get plenty of rest, keep my OB appt and to drink tons of water per doctors orders. I was given a shot of stuff to stp the contractins, given a full bag of fluids via IV and checked. I was not dialited, but my cervix was thining out and had dropped pretty low.

I got to see my doctor on the 13th at 9am for my regular appt.