Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Here is the girls dressed up for Halloween

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Girls @ Sea World

These pictures were taken at Sea World this past weekend. They always decorate the park a few weeks before Halloween and have special activities just for Halloween. The girls had a blast, but Tori was not so sure about Jack at the Shamu show.

These skeletons were all over the park between the gates placed in a certain area of the park. It was the most haunted area of the park. They all were different, but tons of them.

This was at the entrance. This is where the big water fountain is. Jack preforms on the stage at night during certain times near closing time for the park.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The growing belly

Ok just so yall know how I am looking at this point in my pregnancy I will post a picture. now just keep in mind when you see this I am only 5 months pregnant (22 weeks). I tend to show really son with all my pregnancies and get large quick. I have done well with the weight. I have not gained anything so far and am still at my starting weight. I think that I have in the last 3 1/2 weeks gained maybe 2 pounds, but they say you should be gaining at least 1 pound per week, so I am still not doing so bad.

I will post an update after my appointment next Friday on how things are going, a picture of Lexi if I get one from the doc and then about weather or not I passed or failed the sugar test. Lets hope that I pass!

This Saturday

This Saturday we are going to Sea World with a friend of Greg's from high school and his family. My girls LOVE Sea World and can't get enough of it, guess its good we all have season passes!!

We were going to spend the night and then do the ZOO the next day, but with the baby shower coming and more unpacking needing to be done we asked for a rain check for that day.

I am hoping that its cool Saturday or at least cool for most of the day like it has been for the last 2 days. Its going to be hard on me being as big as I am doing all that walking around, so it would help for it to be cooler since my am always hot anyways.

Still unpacking....

We are still trying to get the house unpacked, but its getting there. Imagine having enough crap to fill a 3,100 square foot house and cram that into a 2,200 square foot house. Its a job I tell you! I am so sick of seeing boxes since we have moved now 3 times, that's right 3 TIMES in just 2 years, so most of our stuff have still been in boxes since the first move from Florida.

I have paint for Lexi's room and it will be pink and chocolate. I also have paint for Tori and Arwen's room and that's purple, Tori's favorite color. I also have painted the downstairs bathroom a red that I had at base housing in my main room that I LOVED. Since the bathroom down stairs has been deemed my room, I picked the color. I also got the color for the kitchen with the help of a friend Brooke who suggested grey. Its a dark grey that goes well with the colors in the counters. I have the kitchen half painted since I do not really want to be climbing latters at the stage in my pregnancy.

I have a baby shower that is being throwing for me November 3rd and it will be at my house since its bigger than base housing, so we got to get it unpacked and organized the best we can by then.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our First Post

First off I would like to say Hello and thanks for stopping by our little page. The Nelson Clan is made of Greg, Brandie (me), Tori and Arwen. We also have Lexi who will be here in February, yes we have all girls and Greg is the only boy (poor daddy)!
Right now we live in Del Rio, TX due to military orders for Greg. He is working at Laughlin AFB as an Instructor Pilot and the XP at the wing building. We have been here for 2 years, but according to the military its only been 1 1/2 years. This base holds onto their people for at least 4 years, so we have a while before we can move again.

A little about each person:

Greg - He will be 40 in February, been in the military ever since he got out of High School (Redding, CA)and went to the Air Force Academy. he graduated from the Academy in 1990 and came here to Del Rio, TX for pilot training. After that he was banked due to the abundance of pilots and spent a few years as a maintaince officer at Pope AFB for the 41st ALS, He later became a pilot for the 41st ALF flying c-130's. This is where he met me. After we got married in 1997 he moved to Hurlburt Field, FL where he flew MC-130's for the 8th SOS. he did this job for 8 years. We kept getting our clock restarted due to the 8th SOS moving to Duke Field and then him going back to Hurlburt Field to work in HQ as DOOO, He still flew with the 8th SOS, but had other main jobs.
He FINALLY moved December of 2005. He has the chance to retire with his 20 years around 2010, but not sure if he will or not.

Brandie - I will be 29 in November. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I was adopted with my sister in 1985 and moved from Harmony, NC to Cameron, NC where I was raised with my adoptive parents and siblings. I meet Greg while in High School and we got married the year I graduated in 1997 that December. Yes as you can see we are about 10 1/2 years apart in age, but that does not matter to us. We moved to Florida where we stayed for 8 years or so and had our 2 daughters. We then FINALLY moved to another location in Texas, well very west Texas. I had never been to this part of the state before and was shocked at how much Spanish there was, but then again we live about 2 miles form the border of Mexico. This was my first time going to another country and I LOVED IT!! I am a full time stay home mom and I also do college online for my degree in Criminal Investigations. I will finish my AA in April and then take a month off and go back for my bachelor's degree.

Tori - Her full name is Victorianna Marie and she was born July 25, 2003. She is our first born and so full of life. She is our high achiever. She was talking very well at 12 months and was stated by the peds as talking at the level of a 15 month old. She did start walking a bit late (17 months). She is now 4 and very much ready to go to school. She just got glasses last month and is doing great with them. We were a bit disappointed that she needed them, but then I have really bad eyes and they say its hereditary.

Arwen - Her full name is Arwen Elizabeth, no its not a family name, well the Elizabeth part is, but Arwen came from Lord of the Rings Movie. We loved it so much that we said if we had another girl that she would have this name. She was born April 12, 2005. She is our second daughter. She is a tiny little girl. She is 2 1/2 and can still wear 18 month clothing. She is about 3 feet and her sister is 3'9" . She also only weighs right now 24 pounds. She eats a ton, but just a small.

Alexandrea Rose - She is due to arrive February 22, 2008, but I am not so sure she will come that late. Right now I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant with her. We found out at 19 weeks that she was a girl. Yes we were hoping for a boy, but we love her no matter what. I hear Girls rule, so in this house I guess they will. She is very active much of the day and pretty quite during the night. I have yet to really gain any weight with her, but the doctor says its ok since she is doing great and growing. I guess its a good thing for me since I am overweight.