Monday, March 30, 2009

update o Hayden

Ok I went to the OB on Monday of last week and got stripped, I was 5 pounds up on my weight. I went back on Wednesday to be stripped again and had lost that 5 pounds. I started labor on Thursday morning and it lasted until Saturday morning. I was in the hospital on Thursday night, but sent home as my doc did not feel like coming in to do anything and I was not dialiting fast enough.
So as of Thursday I was up to 3cm from the .5cm on Monday. THe pain stayed away until yesterday, but was not enough to take that trip to the hospital. The doc had me in the books to be induced today March 30th. I will go in today at 3:30 cst to get started, but wont see my doc until he closes his office around 5ish.
I will have Hayden at somepoint today depending on how long it takes for him to get here after my water is broken. I do not expect it to take too long as I am sure I am up to at least 4-5 cm by now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Due Date

I went in for my check up last week. According to the old due date I was like only 35 weeks preggers, but the Doc looked at my belly, felt around at Hayden and then measured the belly and stated that we may have had the dates wrong....DUH I have been telling him that for the last few weeks, but whatever dude.

So I am what I thought I was and am 37 weeks today!!! This has been the magical week for me with the last 2 kids, so lets hope something happens. I have been having TONS of contractions and last night I had some that were far more painful then the ones in the past, so that is a good sign.

Back to the appt......
I have only gained about 5 pounds total which is a good thing for me for after Hayden is born. Hayden looked really good but was still unable to get a picture of his face since he was head down again and hopefully stays that way since he is a big boy and the doctor also noted that he was a big boy and will more then likley not turn again. I am not sure that he could if he wanted to, but you never know.

The doc will see me back this week for my next check up and then I will skip a week if I am still preggers since it will be spring break during the week of St. Patty's day and my doc will be on vacation with his family, he did say that if I had Hayden while he was gone that the other doc that I saw when I had the miscarrige would be the one to deliver me, so that is good that i already know that doc too.

just to say I did it

here is a shot of my big belly at 32 weeks, the scars (strech marks) are from when I was preggers with Tori. This is actually the smallest that I have ever been at 32 weeks!!!

Pictures from Lexi's 1st B-Day

Lexi was not sure what to think about her birthday cake. She really was not into it. She picked off the sprinkles and ate those and licked the icing off her fingers and then was all done!!