Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random pictures of lexi

random pictures of Hayden

in the photos I know his skin looks rough, but he has a really bad case of eczema. The docs have had to give him strong creams for the really bad spots and then other stuff for the not so bad spots

Tori's new hair cut

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lexi's 2nd Birthday

Hayden's FIRST haircut

Hayden sat all by himself in the big kid chair and let the lady cut his hair without crying or fussing. He looked so cute sitting there getting all that long fuzzy hair cut, he looks so much like a big boy now and so darn cute.

Misc Pictures of the kids

Hayden above is eating cake and he likes to eat it right off the tray without using his hands.

Lexi cought playing with something she should not have been playing with.

Lexi above feeding a friends baby Aubree, it was too cute.

Arwen got brave

Arwen decided to finally get her ears pierced. Tori got the one that closed up due t infection re-done and Arwen thought she was finally big enough to do it too. She came so close to crying when they did the first one, and they was almost too scared to have the second hole done, but did it anyways after a little talking from mommy and daddy.

Tori's school prog.

The PTO had an event with the 1st graders at Tori's school where they sung several songs for the parents. TOri was so shy and cute as a button.

Hayden was getting tired of waiting for the whole thing to start and was fussing a bit.

Arwen was wanting to do a photo session while waiting to the event to start.

Move decided

We were not able to meet the date of move for the Korea assignment, so we are going to Clovis, NM. We are to move sometime between my delivery with Tanner and when school starts in NM which is August 10th.