Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone is sick again...

I guess it comes with moving into a new house and with 2 of the kids being at school. Arwen starting coughing on Friday and stayed home from PreK and then today she was still doing it pretty bad, s she was home again today. I am huge on not sending my kids to something if they are sick so that others do not get it.

Greg and I are now getting sore throats and I got a head cold. I am on antibiotics for the ear infection that lead to a busted ear drum.

I am spraying everything we touch in the house with Lysol to hopefull stop it from getting too bad and keep Tori and Lexi from getting it.

Lexi's 6 month well baby check up

We had it done a bit late as getting in to see the new peds doc on base is hard.
She is doing good and growing, but they may think that she is having an issue with reflux. She spits up ALL the time and ALL day long. They are going to give her until her next check up to see about putting her on meds or not. We changed her formula to the Enfamil AR which is for spitting up and its helps. She spits up still, but its about half as it was before.

She is in the 10% for her weight and height, she is a small one for now. She can end up being like Arwen and always be on the small side or hit a huge growth spirt and get higher up on the charts.

They also think that she may have allergies since she has had a runny nose since she was about 3-4 months old. I am using the little noses stuff that you pt in her nose to help, but its still runny.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lexi is a small one

I was going through her things and realized that she can still wear her 0-3 month stuff and that only the things like onsies that button between the legs are a bit snug.

I also got out her medium sized gDiapers, wondering if she can start wearing them yet, and they are still big on her. I had someone tell me that their little girl wore the small size until about 17 pounds, not sure how much Lexi weighs, but we have her 6 month appt. next week. I know she is almost 7 months, but the peds at the base are super backed up since the one left and someone else took over.

I have tons of new pictures but i will have to get them uploaded from the camera to the computer to add to here. I will do that soon.

The whole house is sick

We all got sick. YUCK!!

It all started when Tori picked up something after only being at her new school for 3 days. She came home and had a fever, cough and said her tummy was not feeling good. I kept her home from school for 2 days only because I am not one to send my kid off to interact with others with a fever of 102.

This all started on Wednesday, so by Saturday Arwen was sick and Lexi was getting sick. I knew with them all being sick that it would be a matter of time and it would be my turn, and I was right! I got really sick about Sunday night and now I am still sick and Greg is starting to come down with something.

Everyone still has either bugger nose, nasty cough or like me Sinus infection.