Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Greg made it home just in time to carve pumpkins and then take the kids trick or treating, it was great.

I had an appointment and a lump was found, so i go Monday November 15th to see if I have breast cancer or not, we are praying that its the not and all is fine, but its still something we are worried about as my doctor was not happy with what she found when doing the exam and set me up for both the mamogram and ultrasound to find out what exactly it is that I have going on.

Tori and Arwen are doing great in school. They are loving their new school, its a great small school of only about 500 kids and are loving their teachers.

Tanner , Hayden and Lexi are doing great, growing like weeds, each day is a new day of discovery for them.

We had a photo shoot done last week and soon I will have the pictures back and will be posting them once Cindi is done with the cd for me, the preview of a few of them turned out amazing, she did an amazing job with them, cant wait to see them all.