Friday, April 18, 2008

Arwen's 3rd Birthday part 2

Upclose of the cake
playing with the bubble machine that Brooke and Daniel got Arwen
Arwen digging in

Arwen's 3rd Birthday

Arwen and her cake! She picked out the Strawberry Shortcake as the one she wanted Her blowing out the candle, it took her a ew tries to get it. I had to in the end blow with her from the behind to help get it out
Her opening the gift that Tori picked out for her, I think that when picking out gifts, Tori was picking out things that she laso really liked to give to Arwen!
Her opening a gift from our friends Brooke and Daniel.
Her stuffing her mouth with icing, that Green did not come off well when we cleaned up their faces.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Official

I am now a college graduate!!!

I have an Associated Degree in Criminal Investigations!!

I will be going back to school in the fall to further my degree and get my BS in Criminal Justice and that will take me about 2 years if I go at the rate I did for my Associates. With Tori in school in the fall I may take on more classes so that I can finish faster.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tor's way of helping

Ok so I asked Tori to give Lexi her passy, she took the bottle for her doll and removed the top, then pushed the end of the passy into the bottle and gave it to Lexi, so now it looks like Lexi is eating from the baby bottle.
It was very cute and creative on Tori's part.

Our Trip to Corpus Christi, TX

We went to Corpus Christi, TX to visit our friends Brook & Daniel. They lived here until Valentine's Day when they got moved to a new base. Its only about 4 hours from us on the coast. Tori saw the beach when she was 6 months old and Arwen has never been to the beach. Lexi also has never been to the beach, so this is the first for them and the first for Tori that she will remember. The picture above has Brooke, Daniel, Greg, Tori, Arwen, Lexi and Tweek (their dog)
This picture above Arwen shyed away due to the sun, but its the best one I got of the girls playing.

This one, the girls saw the big shark and wanted a picture of them in the mouth of the shark. They thought it was really cool.
The girls played in the ocean and afterwards was very cold since the wind was blowing pretty good. This beach at Corpus allows you to drive right onto the beach, so we had The Mustin's truck right there with us to sit in.

Lexi's Easter Dress

Lexi got her Easter Dress from MeeMaw and Pawpaw when they got out here to Texas to visit. She was so cute looking in her new dress. She kept trying to pull it up every time I took a picture.

She got slouched down in this picture, her hair is starting to get a red look to it a little and a lot of people in town ask where the red came from.

New Pictures of the girls at the park

MeeMaw, PawPaw and I took the girls to the park on base so that they could play while Daddy was flying. We stayed there until Daddy landed and he met us at the park.

The park on base has a huge grouping of these mesquite trees and it was so peaceful and amazing looking.

I went around taking pictures of the girls with some of the different shaped trees and they turned out amazing.

Yes the girls got their hair cut off. They are so much happier now that its getting hot, and we felt that until they can help take care of their hair and keep it brushed, it would stay short. We may let Tori's grow out a little longer to her chin, but other than that it will all stay the same.

Tori's hair is longer in the back and Arwen's hair get shorter in the back like a stacked hair cut, but its not all that short in the back.

The girls at the picnic table

Them posing in a tree for me, Arwen looked down as I snap ed the picture. The picture is still really great looking!

Tori at the tree alone, she has her hand up to salute me.

This is my favorite picture of the girls. It is so precious looking, some times I scare myself at how great of photos I take. You would swear it was professional.