Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photography Business

I started a photography business a while back and its finally taking off. I have several photo shoots coming up and several more that will be booking with me in May once I know the date of my surgery. I am so excited that its finally starting to look up for me in this field as I LOVE taking pictures of people and other things.

The start to a new me

I got approved to have the lap-band surgery and saw the doctor already once. I am to be having the surgery before the end of May. I am finally going to be sheeding these 100 pounds that I have been carring around for over 10 years now. We all are excited for me to be getting this done and cant wait.

Photo Shoot of Kids

Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Photos

I am working on editing photographs as I am playing with a new program called lightroom. I am using it for my photograph business that i have started. I am taking photographs for people, but not quite a professional yet as I have not gone and gotten a business license yet at the city.

Hayden's 2nd Birthday Party

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Pictures


I dstarted back to school back in October at Kaplan University to finish up my BS degree in Criminal Justice. I have completed one term so far and did really great, now my next term starts on Tuesday and will run 10 weeks. my goal is to bring my GPA up more from where it is. Its not bad, I got a 2.96, but I would like to see it above 3.0.

Greg's school

Greg starts back to school this week so that he will be able to finally fly. he will be doing school until mid Feb. We do not know his schedule for school yet, but should know that once he goes the first day and finds out.

Biggest Loser Competition

I have decided to join the biggest loser competition that the base fitness center is putting on starting Jan. 10th. We have our first weigh in Jan 3-7. We have to be in groups of 4 for a team and I just joined a group of ladies as the 4th person. I am going back on the south beach diet that worked so well for me in the past, getting back on my ab lounge and will be hooking up my Wii fit that Greg got me a long time ago that never got hooked up.
i am sure that our team will also have scheduled times that we will meet at the base gym and work out too, just as long as its when Malissa can watch the kids or Greg can.
I hope our team wins!!

Poor Baby

Lexi was puking last night before bed, she has picked up a bug of some sort, she has been having ucky BM's and pucked the night before also. She seems fine during the day, but at night she will puke up her food and drink before bed. I hope it does not last long.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


misc pictures

Tanner enjoying his rice cereal!
Tori posing for the camera

Tori's School Performance

Tori was a red candy cane in the performance. She did an amazing job with her speaking part in front of the whole room full of people.

Christmas Pictures

The kids had a wonderful time for Christmas, they enjoyed all their gifts from everyone and had a blast opening them up, the mess afterwards was not so great :)

Hayden in his coat

Hayden before his hair cut in his new jacket from Nana. He was looking so darn cute that I had to get a picture of him.

Hayden's New Do

Hayden got a new hair cut the other day, his hair was WAY too long for a boy. He did a great job with getting it cut and cried just a little at the start of the cutting. The last picture Hayden is saying ON as my camera was ON, it's his new word!

Happy New Years

Our family wants to wish all a Happy New Years, hope that everyone has a wonder 2011. We had a wonderful year with Tanner being born, and moving to Clovis, NM. 2011 will be a fun year as we watch the kids grow up and get bigger, start new things and enjoy life in Clovis.