Friday, July 18, 2008


We are leaving the 27th of July and heading to Salt Lake City, UT. Greg and the girls will be staying with his sister and family while I will be at a hotel with 4 other ladies ho are also Stampin Up Demonstrators. SU is having their yearly convention and this year is the 20th anniversary of SU. This will be my first year going since becoming a demo 3 years ago. This will be like havign a mommy vacation, but I will have the family close by if i am dying to see them and the kids.

We will be gone from the 27 of July to the 5th of August

The front of the house

This is for the ones who have not seen the front of the house we rent.

Oh and for the ones who have been to our house, the Avion is now in the drive way and not in front of the house!!!

Long overdue pitcures

The girls when left alone for too long, thank god its washable
Aint she just the cutiest
My big girl
These of Lexi were taken today with her playing on her blanket on the floor
She got PO'd that I took her passy away, I just wanted a picute of her without it.
My red head, blue eyed girl

Tori helping daddy

Military Move in the future

Well, its that time again to create a "dream sheet" of bases that we would like to move to. Since Greg is now a Lt. Col the field is limited on what he can move into, but he just found out that he is high on the list for one of those not so great 365 tours overseas without the family (for non-miltary, its a 1 year tour). He talked today to his assigments guy and found out that he can put in as volunteer for a 2 year remote with family to either Incirlik AB, Turkey or Osan, Korea. There is also a few others that are 2 year accumpanied tours in a few other places, but not sure what they are yet.

We decided to go for the 2 year accumpanied instead of taking a chance on him getting hit with a 365. We have never done an overseas tour yet, so this would fill that box on our list and Turkey I heard is a great place to go and greg has been though there when he flew MC-130 and C-130H. We will be filling out the paperwork next week to get it into the system and the latest we would move is April 2010, but we could move as soon as April 2009. This move all depends on the needs and money of the Air Force with moves. Something could pop up next month for a job in Turkey or Korea, and with him on the list as a volunteer, he would be high on the list.

The perks of volunteering for jobs like this is that once the 2 years are up we can get pick of where we want to go next, and for now we will have Europe on the list, but if after the 2 years we are really wanting to come back to the states we will have that changed.
This will be great for Tori and Arwen for experiance, but Lexi will be too young to enjoy it even if we do not leave until 2010.