Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hayden's Birthday Party

Tori playing Soccer with Border Leauge

Tori is the ONLY white kid with blond hair on the field, so she is easy to pick out. Her team lost this game, but she did a great job.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

OB Appointment

Today I am 27 weeks plus a little. Tanner Jackson was breeched and kicking all over the place. We looked again and sure enough there are boy parts between the legs.
I was told that I passed my sugar test . . YEA. I go back in 3 weeks when I will be 30 weeks pregnant. Things are moving along pretty good even though I am past 30, this is #5 and I got pregnant so soon after just having a baby. I am having trouble sleeping at night now with my growing tummy in my way and heartburn like crazy, but not much longer to go before its all over.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hayden's first time with Spaghetti O's

This was the first time that Hayden has ever had spaghetti O's and boy did he enjoy himself, He had to have a bath afterwards, which is in the other sections of photos posted.

Pictures of Lexi

Helping Daddy with the dishes, she loves to do this, I am sure its not good for the dishwasher.

She was so upset at something she got in trouble for and I could not help but get a picture of her

Pictures of Hayden

Hayden and his new haircut he got today, he now has a military hair cut and looks just like his daddy
Hayden our Monkey Boy

Hayden HATES bath time now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Greg's assignments guy Pete called him today and said that he has us down for us to be at Clovis, NM and checked in to the base for 13 August. He said that he has Gre in a school slot starting 30 August which he will be going to either Vegas or a place in NM for several months.

He said not to do anything major until the orders are actually in hand as things do tend to change last minute, but this was the plan for us.

We decided that we would look at moving around the 15th or so of July so that we could get settled in and Tori and Arwen enrolled in school before it starts on the 9th of August.

So I FINALLY see the end of the road for Del Rio, TX and know that we will be moving in July and saying good-bye to this place and friends.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pictures at Johnson Park and Creek

I could not get all the kids to look at me at the same time, I must have snapped about 5 pictures trying to get them all to look
Nicole, Izzy and Aubree
All of us at the creek

Kids @ Sonic Creek

Tori tossing out food for the ducks at the creek @ one of our sonic drive ins in town.
Lexi looking cute as can be and loving that i was taking pictures of her, as you can tell it was a very windy day
Nicole was passing out food to the kids at the edge of the creek so they could toss it in at the ducks

Izzy and Lexi are best buddies
Hayden just hanging out

pictures at the park

We spent a day last weekend at the creek and at the playground with our friend Nicole and her 2 kids Izzy and Aubree. It was a very windy day, but was very relaxing and fun for us all.