Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another video of Lexi

Tori and Arwen being Funny

My little goof balls

Lexi Walking

She is super fast little bugger for a 10 month old

Friday, December 26, 2008

Just did my Registry's

How fun it was to be picking out blue stuff for a boy!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The race is on

I have been having a few contractions here and there that are really noticeable, more than a painless braxton hicks. These are painful to some degree and come and go. I tend to get more when I am over active with things like being on my feet for too long.

So the race is on to make sure I do what I can to keep them at bay until Hayden is old enough to be born. I will not be surprise to be put on bed rest if they get worse, but right now a few here and there are not enough to change anything down stairs if you know what I mean.

Lets hope that they back off a bit, or just keep being sporadic!

ok so I am behind

I am just now getting the rest of our Christmas cards finished, got the newsletter done (but needs printing) and needs to go and print out our family pictures that we had taken by Cat Photography back in November.

I hope to have it all done and in the mail by tomorrow. I know Christmas is Wednesday, but all will have to get over them being late. I am ones again getting tired about mid day and if I am on my feet too long, I start to cramp up a bit.

On the move

Lexi just in the last week or so has gone from kinda walking / more crawling to fully walking all over the house. The only time she crawls is when tired and needs to get somewhere in a hurry.

She is trying so hard to run, but finds herself on the floor instead. The little girl is trying to grow up so fast, I hate it. We also noticed that not only is she now trying to get in both top center teeth, but lso is getting in her 2 bottom teeth on either side of the first two center ones. So that is 4 teeth at one time trying to cut, no wonder she is a bit cranky these days!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Christmas Party Pictures

86th FTS Children's Christmas Party

We had the party in the T-1 hanger and Greg and I helped decorate the day before.
Santa came in on the T-1 with his elves and gave all the kids gifts. The girls had a wonderful time.

New Ultrasound Pic

You are looking at his butt on the right, boy parts in the middle and one leg on bottom and partial image of other leg on top of pic. In front of legs are the bottom of the feet. He is sitting with legs bent

Here he is, just never tell him that I posted a pic of his package on the internet!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lexi's 9 months well baby check up

Today we found out that Lexi's length, head and weight are no longer in the same % and the weight is the issue. She is not gaining like they want and due to other issues brought up by me, we are to watch her close for more changes and then in 2 months or her 12 month check up have her tested for these following things:

Gluten Allergy
Malabsorption issues
Celiac Disease

We hope that the issues she is going through is just viral and allergies, but if things do not change with her stools and feeding and weight, then she will go though quite a few tests in a few months.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lexi Walking

Lexi has been for the last few days been taking several steps unassisted. Last night she took 8 steps towards me from the door way. A few minutes ago she took about 4 steps to reach the cat or what she calls "tat"

Not much longer and she will be making more and more steps in walking. This is much, much sooner then the other two girls. Tori walked at 17 months and Arwen walked at 12 months. Lexi will be 10 months of the 13th, so that is cool. I know I walked at 9 months.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

22 weeks 5 days

So far this pregnancy has been flying by. I guess it helped not knowing I was pregnant until I was a little over 8 weeks, and being so busy with Tori in school, Arwen in school and me doing school.

I have had some allergy or virus issue this whole time and it has caused a ear infection that resulted in a ruptured ear drum, and now a second ear infection with no hearing in that ear. I hope hat the hearing will return after seeing an ENT doc and they do what ever needs to be done to fix it.

I have also just started having cramps if I have been on my feet too long (more then 2 hours) all over the whole belly area, so I am going to have to limit my time on my feet.

Hayden has been getting very, very active in the last week and loves to hit daddy's face when he lays his face to my tummy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have a name

FINALLY, we have a name. Greg did not want to say for sure since he wanted to keep looking around, but for now the name will be:

Hayden Wyatt Nelson

Greg said that he can change his mind up to siging the paper for the birth cert., but I hope he does not, I really like the name.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from the Doctors and.....

We found out what it is .....

I bet you would like to know what we are having as our 4th child....





Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Pictures

Our family pictures

These above are of the girls and their Christmas Dresses. They were so cute and did such a wonderful job. It was also about 50 out that day, so between shoots they were bundled up in jackets and kept warm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

20 Weeks Today

I am now 20 weeks along today and feeling every bit of it. I guess the more kids you have and the sooner after one you get pregnant the harder it is. I hurt everywhere and am feeling like I am way more than 20 weeks. I am showing pretty good if you have not noticed from my last picture I posted.
I go and see the doctor on the 24th which is next week and we hope to get a confirmation of the sex of the baby. Greg and I are tired of calling the baby it, since we do not know if its a boy or girl we do not want to say him or her yet. I know at the next appointment I have to have the complete blood workup done since I passed that off last time. I was not feeling good and did not want a bunch of vials of blood taken out or I would have most certainly passed out.

I know I will be having the sugar test coming up and am NOT looking forward to that as I feel that I may have an issue this time around. I am starting to finally feel the baby move around, its odd that it took so much longer to feel it then with all the others, but I guess it was just not ready to let me know it was there!! It is funny how I was not feeling it for a long time, but now its noticeable enough to wake me up.

Family Pictures

We had a TON of family pictures taken on Sunday by a friend of ours, who's husband flies with Greg. I have her site on the side bar of this site, but here it is again,

She had to have taken at least 200 pictures or more of us, the girls separately and together, me, Greg and the whole family and we even got one with Nana and Papa since they are here visiting for a short time. We get our pictures back on Wednesday and I will post a few as soon as I can.

We had the most perfect place to take these pictrues and I had gone out a few weeks prior and bought from JcPenny's matching Chistmas dresses for the girls that were 60% ff. THey were just too darn cute in them and YES it was freezing, but Carole said that it made for the perfect skin in pictures. I guess it is becasue the skin gets a bit more pink or something.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Belly Pic

This is a bad picture, but it shows how HUGE I am at only 18 weeks and 4 days

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lexi the mess

I was sick when mommy took this picture of me in my little seat.
This carpet was like this when we moved in, that is why daddy ripped it up and put in wood floors. I love to play and eat puffies
That is right I am a biker chick!!!

First day of school

I finally got the roll of film developed and the cd back. I m bad about holding onto the film until I have a huge stack of rolls.

Tori had her first day of school August 25th. She was super excited about finally going to real school.

T-1 Flight line Photo

Each year Greg's squadron offers family pictures by their plane and the money goes towards the Children Christmas party. We were not home for last year and missed the one before, but this year we got it done. This was the best one of all taken since we are all looking at the camera and Tori is covering my major pregnant belly!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Aint I just the cutest horse you have ever seen. I thought I looked cute too. I above was crawling away to get my daddy.

The girls all looked so cute dressed up ready to go out and take over the town. They did not get a ton of candy, but we made sure we did not stop at too many houses.
Lexi is looking so cute, so is her daddy

Tori, Arwen and Lexi

This was taken of Lexi while in Eagle Pass this weekend at Taco Bell. She was waiting for her food!

Tori had Lexi on the horse and I had Arwen get on for a picture of all the girls. Let me tell you it was hard to get them all 3 to look at the camera at the same time. I got a shot with Lexi looking at the wall, Arwen picking her nose and Arwen looking at the wall.

This was taken last around mid October. She was about to stand up, but mommy got a picture before she did.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ultrasound pictures

The image above is the newest one. The baby is looking at us

This is the second image of the baby above. Its our profile image
The image above is the first one. You can see something little in the black hole.

The images are not the best due to his printer not printing very clear images.

New updated pictures

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ob Appt for 16 weeks

We had our appt on Friday and tried to see the sex of the baby. We looked for a long time at the same image then the doc would move the wand around and then go back to the same image, this went on for a bit and we both thought the same thing. The doc said "Well I do not see any sign or any sort of a penis", I asked if that bright white 3 lines was girl parts or cold it be something else since the bones are showing as white now that they are getting harder. He stated that it looks as if we will have all girls. He then preceded to joke with Greg about not being able to get boys, and that I keep killing off the male sperm, that my body is all for girl power. Our Doc is such a funny dude.

So as it stands, it looks as if we are destined to have all girls in that house, but that is ok with us, guess we do better with girls or something. The girl name we picked out is Piper Addison.

We have our next appt on November 24th at 9am, we will look again then to comfirm that its a girl since the baby will be much bigger then.

I had lost nother pound from my last appt. I gained 2-3 pounds at the first apt, then lost 3 and then lost 1, so I really have only lost weight and not gained yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This has to be posted for other mommy's

Ok so I heard about this site this morning on the radio as the guys were talking about their kids. I never really pay that much attention as I am not all there at that hour, but I just had to check this out. It was on Lifetime and now all video clips are on line. This is called Mommy Madness, as a mom I SO understand and find it really funny.

Check it out:

Christmas 2008

This year since we are not moving we are going to do what we set out to do at the first of the year. We are going to Disney World for Christmas. We will arrive in FL at the resort in Orlando on the 21st and be there until 27th. It will take us at least 3 days to get there so we will depart Texas on the 18 or 19th.

If mailing gifts they need to be here in Texas no later than the 13th so that they can be packed up with us to Disney.

Got news about moving FINALLY

We will not be moving until Spring/Summer of next year after the baby is born.
Greg finally got to speak to his functional and he stated that no fliers will be released to those jobs listed. he did stated that one will be open for Turkey in Feb, but since I will be past 32 weeks, I would not be able to go with him until the baby is born, so we passed on that job. His functional said that he will put us down as going into a 2 year accompanied remote, but don't hold him to us not getting tasked for a 365, but that right now they are sending guys who's last return date from overseas was 1987, ours is 1991, so we got a little time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tori got her ears pierced

We were at the mall today and went by Claire's to see what it cost since she has been asking for about a month to have it done. I also asked if there was someone else working so that they could do both at one time, ONLY because I figured if she had one done she would chicken out of getting the second done.

The girl said that the manager was also on the clock for today, so we picked out little gold balls for Tori and she got it done. She clinched her eyes for a second when they first punched through, but was fine after that. She was such a big girl!! She states that she will never take them out and LOVES her new ear rings.

We asked Arwen and at first she said yes, then no, then yes and finally she said no, no I will wait till I am 5 years old.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hoping for this assigment

Greg got an email the other day about a job at Lajes, Azores, Portugal. This would be an amazing job, our pets can go, there is a place to give birth in town at the hospital and it would keep him from doing a 365 day remote.

The only draw back from this job would be that we would have to be in Lajes by December 3rd of this year. This means moving around the mid to end of November. Greg still has to talk to his functional, but right now he has been unable to get him on the phone or through email. We are TRYING HARD to get this job.

This little island is part of a group of them that is located of the edge of Portugal.

Fingers crossed that Greg gets to talk with the functional some time this coming week to get released to get the job.