Monday, July 19, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our BIG move


We move July 2010 to Clovis, New Mexico, we have picked out a house, but have not got the final pin down of it yet, so no new address yet until that happens, but we have our fingers crossed that we get that house as it is perfect for our big family.

We spent a few days at the start of the month there and fell in love with the place even thought it was flooding due to heavy rain, but with living in Del Rio and their flooding issues we are use to that! :)

Greg will be sigined out of the base July 15th if all goes well with the paper work and it all gets signed on time and then he will be on leave after that and all the packing will start and it will be non stop after that date to get it all done before the end of the month. The owners of the hosue we want need time to move out of the house and so we are not moving as early as planned and giving them time to get out (if we do indeed get that house) We have to be in Clovis the first week of August to get Tori and Arwen enrolled in school for the m to start that second week for school as it starts early there then we are use to from here.

The Kids

Greg' s Final Flight in the T-1

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tanner @ Brook Army Medical Center

The one above was when we were admitted to the ER that morning, He was really bad off His Resp. is to be between 30-60 breaths per minute and there were 95, so they said he was close to respitory failure. His lumbar puncture for the meningitis has like the white blood cells at almost 3,000 and for him they are to be in the 10 range, so they were ubber high.
His fevers the first few days were from 102.9 - 99.9 and then finally dropped down to his normal of 97.4 ish. We did find out after an infussion of Ampancillin (sp) that he is now classified as allergic to all Penacillins (sp) like i am.