Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clovis, NM so far

We have been here since the first of August and are loving it so far. This place is really great, the weather is great and the people are also great. our neighbors are some really great epople who are willing to help out with what ever I need while Greg is gone.
We are also loving the house so much, its great not being in a rat trap of a house finally and the kids are much happier to have a place they can play outside and inside without feeling like we are all ontop of each other.

Greg is leaving

Greg is leaving Saturday morning to school in Ca and will be gone until mid November. He gets out of class on November 19th, but wont be home for a few days after that as its a few day drive back home. He will be learning to fly the new aircraft that he will be flying here at Cannon AFB. I will be home alone with all 5 kids for that long period of time roughing it as a single parent.

Hayden's hair

This is Hayden's hair before he got it all cut off, It was really long on top so I was spiking it up.