Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ultrasound pictures

The image above is the newest one. The baby is looking at us

This is the second image of the baby above. Its our profile image
The image above is the first one. You can see something little in the black hole.

The images are not the best due to his printer not printing very clear images.

New updated pictures

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ob Appt for 16 weeks

We had our appt on Friday and tried to see the sex of the baby. We looked for a long time at the same image then the doc would move the wand around and then go back to the same image, this went on for a bit and we both thought the same thing. The doc said "Well I do not see any sign or any sort of a penis", I asked if that bright white 3 lines was girl parts or cold it be something else since the bones are showing as white now that they are getting harder. He stated that it looks as if we will have all girls. He then preceded to joke with Greg about not being able to get boys, and that I keep killing off the male sperm, that my body is all for girl power. Our Doc is such a funny dude.

So as it stands, it looks as if we are destined to have all girls in that house, but that is ok with us, guess we do better with girls or something. The girl name we picked out is Piper Addison.

We have our next appt on November 24th at 9am, we will look again then to comfirm that its a girl since the baby will be much bigger then.

I had lost nother pound from my last appt. I gained 2-3 pounds at the first apt, then lost 3 and then lost 1, so I really have only lost weight and not gained yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This has to be posted for other mommy's

Ok so I heard about this site this morning on the radio as the guys were talking about their kids. I never really pay that much attention as I am not all there at that hour, but I just had to check this out. It was on Lifetime and now all video clips are on line. This is called Mommy Madness, as a mom I SO understand and find it really funny.

Check it out:

Christmas 2008

This year since we are not moving we are going to do what we set out to do at the first of the year. We are going to Disney World for Christmas. We will arrive in FL at the resort in Orlando on the 21st and be there until 27th. It will take us at least 3 days to get there so we will depart Texas on the 18 or 19th.

If mailing gifts they need to be here in Texas no later than the 13th so that they can be packed up with us to Disney.

Got news about moving FINALLY

We will not be moving until Spring/Summer of next year after the baby is born.
Greg finally got to speak to his functional and he stated that no fliers will be released to those jobs listed. he did stated that one will be open for Turkey in Feb, but since I will be past 32 weeks, I would not be able to go with him until the baby is born, so we passed on that job. His functional said that he will put us down as going into a 2 year accompanied remote, but don't hold him to us not getting tasked for a 365, but that right now they are sending guys who's last return date from overseas was 1987, ours is 1991, so we got a little time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tori got her ears pierced

We were at the mall today and went by Claire's to see what it cost since she has been asking for about a month to have it done. I also asked if there was someone else working so that they could do both at one time, ONLY because I figured if she had one done she would chicken out of getting the second done.

The girl said that the manager was also on the clock for today, so we picked out little gold balls for Tori and she got it done. She clinched her eyes for a second when they first punched through, but was fine after that. She was such a big girl!! She states that she will never take them out and LOVES her new ear rings.

We asked Arwen and at first she said yes, then no, then yes and finally she said no, no I will wait till I am 5 years old.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hoping for this assigment

Greg got an email the other day about a job at Lajes, Azores, Portugal. This would be an amazing job, our pets can go, there is a place to give birth in town at the hospital and it would keep him from doing a 365 day remote.

The only draw back from this job would be that we would have to be in Lajes by December 3rd of this year. This means moving around the mid to end of November. Greg still has to talk to his functional, but right now he has been unable to get him on the phone or through email. We are TRYING HARD to get this job.

This little island is part of a group of them that is located of the edge of Portugal.

Fingers crossed that Greg gets to talk with the functional some time this coming week to get released to get the job.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Done Moving

We are finally moved out of the other house. Our new drive way is full of crap, the front porch/ walk way is packed and the garage is full to the ceiling. The crappy rusted truck is out front and there is a trailer full in the front of the house on the road. Much needs to go to the storage, but its almost full too. The house is packed tight, but not organized, I need to place things in their place, but can't due to other crap in that pace or in the way, big heavy stuff!!!

Still Sick.....

Greg has it bad. It seems that no matter what he does he can't kick this sickness, its making me sick again since I won't stop kissing him and right now the girls are OK, Arwen still coughs a little, but that is all.

He has been working so much on moving and coming home from work to only leave to pack more stuff.

OB appt for 12 week point

We got to see the baby a bit better then the last time. We saw a strong heartbeat and that was about it. We will not be able with his machine to see the sex until later on. He has an older machine and we were going to head across the border like everyone does to have a 4-d ultrasound done, but the give a parents break at the base is at night and we are not to be over there at night. We just have to wait until November's and hope its during the day. This was the kids will all be at the CDC and we can go alone to have it done.

I did do the new IntelliGender test this morning and got my result (not telling yet) and was shocked at how positive the answer was, there was no mistaken the color of the test. If you have no idea what I am talking about check it out at . It is this new thing that tests your urine the same way that ap regnancy test does, but it looks for other things. it will change colors after 10 minutes and says weather or not your carring a boy or girl. The lab test rate was like 90 %, but real world was only 83% (due to those who did not follow directions)

We will wait until we get an ultrasound to comfirm, even tho a few people have sid in a study that the intelligender was right and the ultrasound tech was wong!!!