Friday, May 16, 2008

Toot, Toot

Ok so I am tooting my horn. I have been a Stampin Up Demonstrator now for 3 years and will finally be going to he yearley Convention that is held in Salt Lake City, UT at the end of July.
Normally the women fly in with out family and enjoy themselvs, butsince I hope to still be giving Lexi breastmilk and Greg's Sister lives there at Hill AFB, we are all driving up there as a family.

I will not get to spend a lot of time with everyone, but my stuff is done everyday at 4:30. I am not staying with them at Steph & Eric's house, but instead I am rooming with 3 other ladies at a hotel near the convention center. This way I get to experiance the fullness of a SU convention with room to room trading, parties and all that good stuff.

I will see the kids during the day between classes to feed Lexi if needs be, but I plan on having plenty of stored milk for her.

To say the least I am about to burst out of my skin and super excited for July to get here NOW!!

On the crap note, they do what is called swaps, its where you make just the front of a card and they trade for ideas. We I am attempting to make 200 swaps!!! YES 200!!!!

Some ladies show up with 1000, so I am not doing bad at trying 200 this year!! It should be super exciting since its Stampin Up's 20th year celebration too!

Slober, slober and more slober

Ok so I am now dealing with a cranky baby, wet shirts the second we put them on and constant chewing of our hands or her own. YEP that is right, our baby is teething. This has been going on now for the last 2-3 weeks and now her gums have that feeling like they got a little scratched up. The gums are also squishey, and if you know newborn gums are hard as rocks.

We are not breastfeeding that much, or should I say she is not feeding directley from me that much. The teething is making it harder for her to want to nurse and she gets up set, so she drinks better from a bottle, so I have been spending a lot of time pumping, but that is ok as long as she gets the food she needs.

I have got new pictures, but they will be posted later since I got to clean up the girls mess, even though I just got dones busting my butt and cleaning and mopping the floors, but hey they are kids!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am going back to school!!

I start back May 27th to the same Everest COllege Online to get my BS in Criminal Justice. I should be done in about a year or a tad more. THis time I get a lap top that I iwll be able to keep once I finish my degree.

Over Due Photos

Like my new toy. It allows me to sit up so I can see the world.
What I just woke up, leave me alone. Look at how her hair is turing red, her eyebrows are red too Mommy pinned my hairback out of my eyes. I can see much better, but did not feel like smiling
What a cheese for the camera. Mommy pinned my hair back too.
That is right I am 100% organic baby fat. Look at that red hair and red eyebrows

Aint we cute
Our new toy. it retails for $699, but mommy and daddy got it for $150 at the flea market. It is missing a slide, but mommy and daddy my be able to get a new one
See my pomegranate flower!!