Friday, June 26, 2009

Hayden's late 2 month well baby checkup

I took him in today, he was 3 months old, but it was for his 2 month check up, The clinic is packed, so it took a while to get his appt.

He was a hefty 12.6 pounds and 24 inches long. he is a big boy and growing like a weed.
He also got his first set of shots and he did good, he did not cry long unlike Lexi who about passed out due to holding her breath.

He does have extra fluid in his nut sack and they said it should go away by 1 and if not then her would have to have it fixed

Monday, June 22, 2009

Greg and the girls at the zoo

We went this past weekend to Dallas World Aquarium and it was a blast. This is the girls and Greg in front of the flamingo's. This place was amazing for being right in the middle of town. It was HUGE for it being inside of business like buildings. Lexi would not stop looking at them long enough for the picture, she was entranced by these creatures.

Tori's Kindergarten Graduation

Above is Tori with her teacher Ms. Stahl. She loves that teacher and so do we, sad that she will not be teaching 1st grade next year.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greg and son

Greg was having some time with his son and snuggling with him. It was just too darn cute

Greg and the girls

Greg and the girls love to on Saturday morning play pretty rough on the bed, there was a tickle fest going on, Lexi was part of it, but got down right before I took the picture

Hayden Wyatt

I know its grainy, but I took it with my cell phone from a distance so that I did not bother him. He has learned to suck his thumb now when a passy is not close by

New Tattoo

I got this tattoo Saturday while the kids were at Give parents a break for the day at the base. Its roman numerals 13 and a star. 13 is my lucky number!! This is one of the 4 new tattoos that I am going to get

Monday, June 8, 2009

Its now Summer Break

Tori graduated from Kindergarten on Friday June 5, 2009. It was a very cute ceremony and they got little certificates with the date of graduation on them. We also got a cap and gown picture with her school information printed on it.

Arwen is also done with the fall term of her part day enrichment at the base CDC. We have her signed up to start back in August when Tori starts back to school in late August. They are both glad to be out of school for a while.

This summer is going to be a busy one for this family. We have two major trips planned for this summer. We are leaving June 18th to go up to Little Rock, AR to visit Brooke, Daniel and Tweek, then off to KY to visit our new friends Dylana, Jamison and Pepper, then after that off to NC to see grandma Keith who is sick, nana, & papa, and then off to another part of NC to visit meemaw, pawpaw, brother and his family and then we are taking the girls to Chimney Rock in NC for a fun thing. We will be heading home the south way through FL to visit Kim, Jim & SHelby and to see our house and the renter and see what all he has done. We are going to attempt to squeeze a lot of visits into a small amount of time!

Our secnd Trip will be at the end of July first part of August. I am off to th Stampin Up Convention again this year, so we are driving like we did last year up to UT, and will visit Greg's Sister and family and then off to ID to see his Brother and family.

We went the other day and got Tori and Arwen enrolled into soccar for this fall. They will start I think the first part of Septmeber. They are looking forward to playing as they love to play in the yard. They will be on seperate teams as Tori will fall into the other age group after July 25th before the practice and games start, so Greg and I may be spliting up the kids and going off to seperate games.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New pictures of Little Hay Hay

This was Hayden a week ago moving all over, it was hard to get a picture of him still so the picture did not come out blury. I got a half a smile on the last one from him, I will have to try again to get one while he is doing a huge smile.